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The Purpose Of A
Web Server

What is a web server?

Aveyard, S (n.d) said that a server is a computer used in a Network that provides a service to a client. A server is usually a dedicated piece of hardware that runs a specific task. In this case, it would be running software to host a website. Mozilla (2019) says that a server needs to host files like images, CSS stylesheets, JavaScript, files, fonts and videos. Mozilla (2019) also goes on to say that's a web server uses the HTTP protocol to communicate with other devices of the internet.

How does it send its information?

Computer Hope (2017) says that packets are used to send the data, in this case coming from a web server, over the internet by splitting up all of the information into pieces. There are many different software packages that enables you to use a server as a dedicated web server.

What softwear does a web server use?

Rouse, M (2008) says that LAMP is an open source development platform for web that uses, Linux operating system, Apache as the web server, MySQL as the database and PHP as the scripting language. Emelianov, M (2017) says that LAMP is used for nearly every hosting provider or a variation of it. This could include WAMP which uses Microsoft Windows instead of Linux. HowStuffWorks (n.d) says that the reason why Linux is used is because it is a free operating system. This is due to the fact that it is open source so anybody can contribute and make changes to the code.

Are they really nessecary?

Web Hosting Geeks (n.d) says that without web servers, the internet would cease to exist as we know it. This is due to the fact that many websites and organisations use web servers to be able to host their own websites and without them we wouldn't be able to use the internet.

Can I make my own?

Web Hosting Geeks (n.d) also go on to say that web servers are the gateway between the average user and the world wide web as if you build your own web server, you have more configuration over it than if you used a online hosting service like 1&1.

Last Updated: 14/04/19

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